Bunions can be very painful, uncomfortable, change how you stand and how you walk.

There are a few causes including poor foot wear, genetics, poor walking habits and injury. There are some things toy can do to help manage them, though curing them may not always be possible. This is particularly true for those who’s bunions run in the family.

Have a good shoe ‘box’, the space at the front of the shoe where your toes sit, is one key area. They should be able to spread out as you walk. Spending as much time as is possible and safe in bare feet. This helps to work the feet using the correct muscles. In addition to this, doing the below exercises may help too.

Massaging the toes and feet can also help maintain flexibility and strength in the feet. A particularly good one is to pop the fingers in-between the toes and gentle open the fingers to create a ‘spread’.

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