Additional Terms & Conditions for Online Sessions

Please ensure you have adequate bandwidth and space available to perform the required exercise sessions and ensure your streaming device is set up to allow the host to see your entire body if possible. If this is not possible then possibly consider purchasing a tripod; alternatively you may be asked to reposition your camera.

Please be mindful of the space around you, remove any trip hazards or objects that could get knocked over or damaged. It is advisable to remove any pets or small children that may be likely to cause you to trip or cause injury either to themselves or yourself.

Please ensure all equipment that you use is fit for purpose. No liability can be taken for damage or injury of a result of using your own equipment or substitutes.

Normal terms and conditions apply in terms of cancellation policies.

You must book in and register your class before the scheduled session. This will ensure you have the link to the class and a password will be sent out separately if required. Please join the waiting room a few minutes early to ensure you are set up and logged in.

If there is a technical fault, such as internet failure etc, the class will be available for 7 days on a recording. Please note the quality of these recordings is low compared to pre-recorded classes. These cannot be downloaded or shared with others,

Members also have full access to the membership site where they can view videos and classes unlimited.

Recordings are only available to members and for those who book into the class.

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