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As of the 19th July, studio numbers will still be kept to minimum and zoom options are still available for most classes.

For massage and private sessions, instructors will still be wearing PPE.

Welcome to Feelgood Fitness

Back view of Sian teaching a pilates classMy name is Sian and I run Feelgood Fitness, a studio dedicated to women’s health and fitness. I am a highly experienced and qualified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and massage therapist. I believe in a holistic approach to exercise and movement, tailoring to each individual’s needs as we go.

My specialist areas include:

Pilates for Women in Bristol

Pilates has grown in popularity over the past few years. This exercise is low impact, making it effective and enjoyable for women of all abilities and goals. Pilates uses special movements that will increase your core strength, flexibility and help tone those important areas us women like to keep toned. Pilates can also help you if you’re recovering from injuries that stop you from doing other exercises.
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Pregnancy and Fitness for Women in Bristol

Remaining active while pregnant helps your body regulate blood pressure, minimise excessive weight gain, increase your circulation, reduce swelling and cramps, and build a stronger core and pelvic floor in preparation for labour and birth. Pelvic girdle pain and back pain can also be reduced with the right exercise designed just for women.
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Postnatal Exercise for Women in Bristol

Giving birth is tough on your body. This is why you need to slowly return to exercise and gradually rebuild strength in your deep tummy muscles and pelvic floor. Once we have reintroduced exercise that is designed for postnatal women, we can safely build your overall fitness. Our classes will also pay special attention to tummy muscle separation, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain and more.
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Massage for Women in Bristol

We offer a variety of massages including pregnancy massagepostnatal massagesports massage and other deep forms of massage used in the treatment of general aches, pains and soft tissue injuries. We will even design a massage that focus on your specific needs.
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Private Sessions for Women in Bristol

We offer private fitness sessions for women in Bristol. Your session will be designed to reach your goals and ability level. All our sessions are aimed at making you feel better, and our holistic approach uses multidisciplinary skills and programs. We will also work towards your needs as they change to make sure you get the most out of your private sessions.
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Sian Fletcher

About Feelgood Fitness and Me

I set up Feelgood Fitness to help other people feel fitter and happier about themselves. Initially I focused on working with people suffering with back pain and other injuries as this was something close to me personally. I’ve trained both in fitness as well as a fully comprehensive Pilates and have a degree in Sports Science.

Over the years and after having my own children, I decided to focus more on women’s health and fitness and in particular around the postnatal period. The female body goes through so much change during childbirth that sometimes it needs a little bit of care and special attention when returning to fitness. For this reason I focused my skills on helping women to heal and learn about their tummy separation or issues (diastasis recti) , pelvic pain such as PGP or SPD and pelvic floor health.

I’m a firm believer in treating the whole body and taking a holistic approach not just focusing on exercising. I look at daily life habits and try to incorporate working towards your goals into your everyday life.

As well as working with you personally I can also refer you to the right professionals if you need more help such as women’s health physiotherapists, musculoskeletal physiotherapists, masseuse and nutritionists.

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