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The studio is open but with limited places available to allow for safe social distancing.
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Welcome to Feelgood Fitness

Back view of Sian teaching a pilates classMy name is Sian and I run Feelgood Fitness, a studio dedicated to women’s health and fitness. I am a highly experienced and qualified personal trainer, Pilates instructor and massage therapist. I believe in a holistic approach to exercise and movement, tailoring to each individual’s needs as we go.

Sian FletcherMy specialist areas include:

  • post-natal recovery
  • pregnancy
  • injury rehabilitation
  • helping to manage pelvic girdle pain and lower back pain through exercise
  • Pilates and mobility programmes
  • pelvic floor and prolapse problems
  • diastasis recti (tummy separation)
  • returning to exercise following injury or certain operations
  • increase general fitness, muscular endurance, strength and tone

About Feelgood Fitness and Me

I set up Feelgood Fitness to help other people feel fitter and happier about themselves. Initially I focused on working with people suffering with back pain and other injuries as this was something close to me personally. I’ve trained both in fitness as well as a fully comprehensive Pilates and have a degree in Sports Science.

Over the years and after having my own children, I decided to focus more on women’s health and fitness and in particular around the postnatal period. The female body goes through so much change during childbirth that sometimes it needs a little bit of care and special attention when returning to fitness. For this reason I focused my skills on helping women to heal and learn about their tummy separation or issues (diastasis recti) , pelvic pain such as PGP or SPD and pelvic floor health.

I’m a firm believer in treating the whole body and taking a holistic approach not just focusing on exercising. I look at daily life habits and try to incorporate working towards your goals into your everyday life.

As well as working with you personally I can also refer you to the right professionals if you need more help such as women’s health physiotherapists, musculoskeletal physiotherapists, masseuse and nutritionists.

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