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The origins of Massage Therapy

Massage is thought to have originated around 2700BCE. ‘The Yellow Emperor’s Classic Book of Internal Medicine’ is the earliest known text containing details of massage therapy and originates from Ancient China. Throughout history it has been adapted from Ancient Egypt, Rome and India. The Ancient Greeks also used massage of which there is suggestion that this is closely related to our modern Sports Massage where their techniques included trying to decrease ‘knots’ within the body through therapeutic rubbing. Even Hippocrates used friction and rubbing as a form of healing from injuries. He also tried to promote overall wellbeing by suggesting the use of a good diet, physical activity, sleep and music.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a deep form of massage used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and general aches and pains. Therapy involves various techniques such as deep-kneading, stroking and rolling of the tissue as well as stretches and mobilisations to promote proper movement of muscles and joints. It isn’t just for the sporty! The treatment aims to help increase circulation, promote the breakdown of damaged tissues and help them to start repairing, as well as improving areas of tension, stress, aches and pains. Massage can also be used to help prevent and treat injuries, to promote flexibility and to alleviate swelling.

After my massage yesterday I had the best night’s sleep I’ve had for ages and woke with no aches and pains. Thank you Sian! Laura

What happens during a treatment?

Before the first treatment you will be asked to complete a pre-screen form. At the first treatment we will go through your answers plus medical history, current lifestyle and sport and what you might like to get out of the treatment.

As each body is different, each massage will be bespoke to your individual needs. There is no set routine.

Following the treatment, you will also be given any home care advice that may be able to help you manage your condition whether it be exercise, stretches or other services.


£45 (60 mins)

£25 (30 mins)

£130 (60 mins) block of 3 treatments

£240 (60 mins) block of 6 treatments

Payment: online transfer or via the booking site 24 hours before your treatment commences please.

Cancellation policy: 24 hours for cancellation please or 50% of the session cost will be charged.

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