Using Zoom

  • Try find a place that is quiet and calming! I know this isn’t always possible, but we can hope.
  • Set up your device where the whole of your mat can be seen (if possible). In an ideal world I would love to see you in standing too but your head is less important!  To help set the angle a tripod can be purchased to allow ease of set up each time. To allow you to see the instructor easily, a good option here is to ‘cast’ Zoom to your TV (or use a mirroring function) from your phone or tablet, so the instructor is on your TV.

Read our guide: Casting Zoom to your TV (pdf)

  •  If possible, try to clear as much space around you as possible so you can move freely
  •  Lighting can be really important. In an ideal world try to have light behind the camera shining towards you, or just the main light on If you set up in front of a window, I will only see a silhouette, so if possible close the curtains/blinds.
  •  Download Zoom on your device
  • Please follow the link in the booking confirmation.  If you have not received the link please get in touch prior to the class starting. You will also be sent a password. Please keep these safe as they will be the same each week.
  •  PLEASE join the class 5 MINUTES prior to the start, just so we can iron out any technical glitches.
  •  Once you are in, you’ll be prompted to ‘join with audio’, click on device/computer audio so that you can hear me
  •  If using a computer or laptop, go to Gallery View, hover the mouse over my
  • video and click the blue button with 3 dots, then click ‘Pin Video’ so that I
  • become the only video you see (If using a phone or tablet, no need to do this).
  •  You will be unmuted when you join so I  you to welcome you and ask any questions. Once class starts you will be muted to avoid any background noise interruption.
  •  If you want to ask a question, just type in the chat box or unmute yourself and ask away
  •  Once the class has finished you can unmute yourself to say good buy and ask any questions
  • The class are live and things go wrong! Sometimes pets, kids and partners join in but that’s fine!
  • During the classes no music will be played, but do feel free to put your own background music on if you would like. Try to set yourself in a place that you can move freely without too many restrictions.
  • Please ensure you have booked onto the class via the website and booking system.
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