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During Coronavirus restrictions, all sessions and classes will be held via Zoom.

Using Zoom

Please follow the link in the booking confirmation.  If you have not received the link please get in touch prior to the class starting. You will also be sent a password. Please keep these safe as they will be the same each week.

Upon joining the meeting, please arrive a few minutes early to set up your camera. Try to angle the camera so that your whole body can be seen by the instructor. To help set the angle a tripod can be purchased to allow ease of set up each time. To allow you to see the instructor easily, a good option here is to use the mirroring function on your phone or tablet, so the instructor is on your TV.

The audio will initially be turned on to greet you, allow you have a brief chat and to ask questions. Once the class begins you will be muted. If you need to ask or comment, then please use the chat function, or turn on your microphone. Once the class has finished the microphones will be unmuted again to have a brief chat, ask questions and say goodbye.

During the meeting you can set the screen to either gallery or speaker view. Gallery will allow you to see everyone else, speaker will set the screen to show whoever is speaking. You can also ‘pin video’ – this will put only one person as the main video.

During the classes no music will be played, but do feel free to put your own background music on if you would like. Try to set yourself in a place that you can move freely without too many restrictions.

Please ensure you have booked onto the class via the website and booking system.