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Postnatal Massage in Bristol

Postnatal massage is suitable from 10 days (no intervention) or 12 weeks (interventions and C-section).

During pregnancy and birth, the body will have undergone a lot of changes and stress. New changes to the body including feeding, carrying, baby-wearing, sleeping and pushing prams can all lead to postural changes and in turn aches and pains.

Massage can help to elevate these aches and pains as well as give you some much needed “you time”. Although if you need to bring the baby, that’s fine, and you are more than welcome to bring someone to watch them for you too.

What happens during a treatment?

Before the first treatment you will be asked to complete a pre-screen form. At the first treatment we will go through your answers plus medical history, current lifestyle and what you might like to get out of the treatment.

During each treatment an assessment on the abdominals (tummy check) and posture will be given, as well as breathing and pelvic floor health.

Aftercare will include advice specifically for scar healing or tummy gap, referral to another specialist if appropriate or you will be signposted to the specialist exercise and recovery programmes.

You will also be given basic exercise, stretches and mobilisation that can help aid the new postnatal body.

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