Pregnancy and Fitness

Being active during pregnancy can help regulate your blood pressure, keep excessive weight gain down, increase circulation helping with swelling and cramps, and create a strong and functional core and pelvic floor in preparation for birth. If you are suffering from pelvic girdle pain or back pain, we can help you to manage this.

Postnatal Exercise

Having a baby is hard work on the body! This is why it is essential you start slowly by rebuilding connection to your deep tummy muscles and pelvic floor. From there we can safely build your fitness back up whilst helping with divarification (tummy separation), pelvic floor dysfunction and back pain/SPD/PGP.


Pilates as an exercise form is low impact and focuses on the mind–body connection. By using specific movements, the body can develop strength, flexibility and tone which is why it can be very beneficial to those with injuries whilst providing even the fittest with a challenge. We offer both mat classes and equipment-based Pilates.


We offer a range of massages including sports and therapeutic massage, pregnancy massage and postnatal massage. Sports massage isn’t just for the sporty! It’s a deep form of massage used in the treatment of soft tissue injuries and general aches and pains. The treatment can help tissue heal and reduce tension, stress, aches and pains.

Private Sessions

Each session is designed to make you feel better and to work towards your goals. Sian uses a holistic approach, combining multidisciplinary skills to sessions and programmes. She doesn’t believe in sticking to plans and will often adapt sessions to accommodate how you are feeling that day. Exercise programs can easily be adapted to be replicated at home.

Scar Massage Therapy

Have you a scar that feels tight or restrictive, or do you get pain close to the site? Scar massage therapy from FeelGood Fitness can help reduce your symptoms and improve the appearance of the scar.  

Sian is trained in the RESTORE method which was developed by the UK’s leading scar therapy teacher and Harley Street scar specialist.


Feelgood Fitness also uses a team of carefully selected instructors to offer group exercise classes to supplement training and fitness goals. As well as a wide variety of classes for adults such as Pilates (both mat and equipment), Low Impact HITT and barre, we also have kids classes.

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