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Pilates class in Sian's studioPilates as an exercise form is low impact and focuses on the mind–body connection. By using controlled movements, the body can develop strength, flexibility and tone which is why it can be very beneficial to those with injuries. Because of the concentration and precision needed to perform the movements, it is a great way to re-connect with your body whilst providing even the fittest with a challenge.

During classes I will encourage you to work at your own personal ability level and provide adaptions where needed. I don’t believe in excluding people from classes if they have certain needs. I would rather have them in class than not have any help at all. For certain needs an initial one-to-one session may be advised to help you prepare for the class and to go through any modifications needed.

I trained with Michael King Pilates due to their focus on applying the latest research into teaching the method. MK Pilates has a strong belief in applying movements to each individual and should complement other forms of fitness and exercise.

“Sian is a fantastic Pilates instructor, she adapts every class to the needs of the group and is incredibly knowledgeable. Sian has taught me a lot about my body and technique. As well as being a challenge, the classes are always good fun too.” Victoria

The studio also hosts a reformer, full trapeze table/Cadillac and spine corrector, ensuring you can get the very best from your private sessions of Pilates. These are a great way to really focus on how to connect to your body and the movements. Because of the springs and positions that can be adopted on the apparatus, it allows time and focus when executing the movements, giving you the knowledge and precision of the movements to transfer to the mat

Classes and privates sessions can be purchased as packages or monthly subscriptions. 24 hours notice is required for cancellation of all appointments to avoid a full charge or forfeit of class.

Corporate classes and events are also available on request.


“After my first Pilates class I realised that I had struck gold! Every class is different, working different parts if the body. With an instructor who makes every effort to get to know the members of her class, what they are capable of and what they are not.” Sarah

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