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Pilates was invented in 1920 by Joseph Pilates, who believed in a mind and body connection. Joseph aimed to improve people’s movement using controlled, precise and fluid movements originally calling the method ‘contrologogy’.

Pilates as an exercise form is low impact and focuses on the mind–body connection. By using controlled movements, the body can develop strength, flexibility and tone which is why it can be very beneficial to those with injuries. Because of the concentration and precision needed to perform the movements, it is a great way to re-connect with your body whilst providing even the fittest with a challenge.

Pilates is taught is two ways – “mat” and “equipment”. Mat Pilates is a series of exercises designed specifically to be performed on a mat. The exercises stretch and strengthen your body, primarily the muscles of the core, Pilates classes at the studio will be mat-based.

Equipment Pilates involves specialised equipment, such as “Reformers” and “Cadillacs” which have pulleys, springs, handles and straps to provide either resistance or support, depending on your needs. The studio’s Pilates equipment is used during one on one sessions.

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I trained with Michael King Pilates due to their focus on applying the latest research into teaching the method. MK Pilates has a strong belief in applying movements to each individual and should complement other forms of fitness and exercise.

My Pilates qualifications are:

  • Level 3 Pilates
  • Matwork Diploma Pilates- Michael King
  • Equipment Diploma Pilates- Michael King
  • Pre and Post Natal Pilates

Definitely! Pilates is about becoming stronger from the inside out. So even if you feel stiff and inflexible, you will still reap the benefits.

Read my blog 8 Myths about Pilates to find out more.

You certainly can. Our ethos is that there is no such thing as beginners or advanced but that everyone should do the very basics and progress from there.

It is recommended that you purchase our Introduction to Pilates package, which allows time to go through the fundamentals as well as work on any areas specific to you.

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Our address is:

The Park Centre
Daventry Road
BS14 9HG

The studio is on the first floor of the Park Centre. Please ask at reception for directions and follow the signs.

There are stairs or a lift to get to the first floor.

If you have an ongoing injury/pre or post-operative, are in pain or have very specific needs, it is highly recommended that you book a consultation with Sian (new clients) or private session (existing clients).

Consultations and private sessions allow us to fully assess your needs and to work with you to provide bespoke movements and adaptions for your needs.

This can be very difficult to achieve in a group session or without prior consultation with the instructor.

To book a consultation contact Sian

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You don’t need shoes or any form of fancy kit. Leggings or exercise trousers, a t-shirt or vest, just something you can move comfortably in is fine.

For Pilates equipment and HIIT, you will need to either be in bare feet or have grippy socks.

For mat classes, bare feet or socks is fine.


You are more than welcome to bring babies and children to the studio but please note the following restrictions:

  • for post-natal classes – babies from early weeks until very mobile can be brought
  • for general classes – older children only please, due to other participants
  • for private sessions and massage, babies and children are very welcome


For classes and sessions, you’ve booked online using GloFox, you will need to cancel and then re-book.

For massage, which currently cannot be booked online, please contact us.

We do ask for 24 hours notice.

Unfortunately not. Classes are kept small and so booking in advance is advisable.

No, you don’t! Sports massage is for everyone, regardless of what they do or if they have an injury. The treatment helps increase circulation, promotes the breakdown of damaged tissues and helps them to start repairing, as well as improving areas of tension, stress, aches and pains.

Find out more on the Sports Massage page.

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