Postnatal Fitness in Bristol

Childbirth takes its toll on the body, regardless of what type of birth you had. You may feel disconnected from your pelvic floor or abdominals or even your whole body. The trick is to start slowly and build up, listening to your body as you go. Low impact movements, hydration, good nutrition and rest (where possible!) are key to rebuilding your body.

You will need to wait until you have had your 6-8-week (for vaginal birth) or 10-12 week (for C-section) check-up before starting formal exercise. All sessions are suitable for diastasis recti (tummy separation), pelvic girdle pain and certain types of pelvic floor dysfunction and prolapse.

New clients will be asked to complete a health screening questionnaire so Sian can assess if her services are right for you. If not, she can put you in touch with the right people.

"I saw Sian postnatally because of back pain. In a short time of seeing her, my back pain significantly reduced. She is also a pleasure to spend time with and honest about the care you need, She was also great with my baby who I had to bring to all sessions. Thoroughly recommended."

Sian offers several options for new mums, some of which allow you to bring your baby.

Private Sessions

After your initial screening, we will sit down and talk about the birth and your body. From there we can start to reintroduce you to movement and exercise combining fitness and Pilates techniques. You will also be given homework to practice at home. Home sessions may be available depending on location – please contact Sian to discuss. Booking details and prices can be accessed from the Buy & Book Private Sessions page.

"I have been having individual sessions with Sian for 3 months to help recover from pelvic girdle pain which I have been suffering from since being 12 weeks pregnant, 18 months ago. Since starting with Sian my pain has significantly decreased and I have learnt to 'self manage' the condition. I also feel much stronger physically and more flexible. I can't recommend her enough! "

Postnatal Check

Suitable after your GP check up, Sian will give you a full postural assessment and check your abdominals for separation or weakness, talk to you about pelvic floor, look at your breathing patterns, and how this impacts your tummy, she will then release any muscles that may be tight and restrictive, as well as give you some basic exercises to get you started. Please contact Sian to arrange this.


Postnatal Pilates classes are available where mums are welcome to bring babies. Restorative Pilates is suitable for postnatal clients too. You can find out more about these on the Classes page or, if you know what you want, you can jump to the Book Now page where monthly subscriptions and classes packages are available.

Private Groups

Classes and workshops can also be arranged for NCT, private corporate or other groups. Please contact us for further details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally you should wait around 6 weeks for a vaginal birth and 12 weeks after a c-section before resuming exercise. This can, however, vary from person to person and so it is important to talk to your health care provider and a qualified fitness instructor to tailor the exercises to you.
Exercise can help to keep weight gain under control, provide the baby with oxygen and blood flow, allow you to meet other mums to be and make you feel good about yourself.

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