Pilates Classes for Beginners in Bristol: What to Expect

If you happen to be in Bristol and are new to Pilates then these are the things you can expect from our little studio in South Bristol:

  • Friendly and welcoming – we have all sorts of people from all different walks of life. We don’t treat anyone differently regardless of where they come from.
  • Time – to work at your own pace, never feel as if you have to keep up with anyone else. Always work at your own pace. Sometimes less is more.
  • Communication – we will let you know anything you need to, and are always happy to assist. We will also endeavour to tell you what movements work what muscles, and why you are doing it. Unless of course we want to do it to be mean!
  • Empathy – exercising when you have an injury or health condition can be frightening at the best of times. To help ensure you have a positive experience, we don’t push people if they don’t feel up to it. We are so pleased to have people in classes, that if you need to take a break or make the movement smaller, we wont even bat an eyelid.
  • Clean – we try to keep the studio as clean as we can with regular cleaning schedules. Wiping mats is encouraged after use. However, we are human and sometimes it does get a little untidy!
  • We don’t try and sell – we don’t believe in this. Yes we have merchandise, yes we could sell equipment, bottles etc. However, we don’t like to push people and we certainly wont sell you socks for £15, you can borrow some of ours.
  • Education – there is a strong emphasis on this. We are passionate about educating our clients, we wont try and blind you with the ‘latest science’ from social media.
  • Knowledge – all of our instructors have their very own set of skills and areas of expertise. Because of this they are all highly knowledgeable within their fields, and can assist with a variety of things.
  • Work at your own pace – if you don’t feel you are ready for a movement, we are more than happy to modify it and make it work for you. You won’t ever get pushed to do something you really don’t want to.
  • Quality not quantity – you find 30 people rammed into our little studio. We like space between clients! Our ethos is to give quality instruction not to make lots and lots of money by squeezing in as many people as possible.
  • Fun – this is a big one for us! We don’t want a boring class! We encourage fun, laughter and not taking ourselves too seriously. Exercise should be fun, and not make people feel like they are being judged.
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