Bristol Residents Love Pilates

Why Bristol Residents Love Pilates: A Local Perspective

Bristol is full of Pilates loving people! It is host to so many different studios and classes, you will be spoilt for choice! From classes for dancers, men, beginners, advanced, with large equipment, there is so much out there. Pilates has so many benefits it’s no wonder its popularity is on the rise.

 However here at FeelGood Fitness we are a little different. Situated in South Bristol we aren’t working with people kitted out in Sweaty Betty or Lulu Lemon gear, in fact we are far from it! We believe in keeping things real and down to Earth and this one reason why our locals love us.

 Our locals love us because we care about people and our area. The centre is easily accessible, and not far from local transport links. Community is at the heart of what we stand for. Being relatable and not putting ourselves on a pedestal is important to us.

 Where possible we try to support the local community, by offering free classes, massage, education to schools, purchasing locally and much more. But more importantly we want you feel like you belong!

 Pilates is often thought of as for the rich and privileged, well in our studio we don’t feel this should be the case. Our local residents love our Pilates classes because we are a true local business. We don’t care if you wear gym kit purchased from boutique shops, supermarkets or Vinted! As long as you move we don’t care what you wear!

 Our teachers are also local to the area and this means we can connect to our local residents and students. We are aware of the local news, the goings on of our neighbourhood, most of us have children in the same schools, which means we really are a community here.

 The studio is within walking distance for many of our local residents, however we work together to ensure that people can arrive here safely, and often we encourage car sharing. In school holidays we also understand the headache that is child care and so most of our classes are child friendly.

 To really build a community feel we regularly encourage our clients to support each other through our WhatsApp group, where we don’t just talk all things Pilates!  We swap clothes, and chat all things plants and cuttings. We love to celebrate birthdays and events so we encourage cake to share too! We hold annual events for teams to compete and take part in local events such as obstacle courses.

 When you come to FeelGood Fitness, you can expect to be one of the team, to feel looked after and welcomed,  like we could all sit with a cuppa and have a chat.

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