Kill or Cure: When to exercise when you’re ill

Sneeze-lady-exerciseWhen it comes to exercise there are a few loose rules of when to stop and rest and when you can push through.

  1. The first thing to remember is even if you do exercise, be kind to yourself and don’t push too hard. Kill or cure – aim for cure and not to end up lying on the sofa for the next week!
  2. Headache. If it’s a mild headache that can be managed by painkillers you’re probably ok to exercise. If it is made worse when you move around, or is affected by lights or loud noises, stay and rest.
  3. Muscle ache. No contest, stay at home, if your body hurts you’re definitely not well and exercise will make it worse.
  4. Sniffy noses and tickly coughs. Again you are more than likely to be fine as long as you don’t go nuts.
  5. Fever. Stay at home!
  6. Feeling tired. This is a little more tricky to gauge. If you’re feeling slightly fatigued you might get away with a movement class like Pilates or yoga. IF however, getting out of bed seems like an effort, maybe stay in bed!
  7.  In terms of helping yourself, make sure you drink plenty of fluids and eat well. Hot water, lemon and honey have been proven to be effective. Take paracetamol if you need to and it is appropriate for you. Rest and sleep. If you’re stuffed up, a hot shower or bath or head over a bowl of steamy water might help.
  8. Listen to your body. If it says no, it probably won’t appreciate that HIIT class!

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