Private Pilates Sessions

Private Pilates Sessions- why you should do them

There are major benefits to doing regular private sessions. In a class environment, the movements are for everyone, with focus given on making the class as balanced as possible for each person there. The instructor will of course give individual cues and feedback but this isn’t the same as if you were there on your own.

Private sessions are all about you and your body, so movements are much more specific to you and your needs. Modifications are much more bespoke and you have more time to really hone in on technique.

Working with injuries or other specifics

If you are attending class to improve something very specific like an injury, pain or post surgery, then a class will may only be able to take you so far. Remember pilates classes are general in their nature. For very specific goals, then a more bespoke approach is going to give you much better results. The smallest tweak in your form can have massive benefits in how you feel you movement and what you are working.

In a private session we can also explore things like using props to help you. Again this can add resistance or give extra support so you really start to work effectively.

Check ins

If you are just attending a class for all of its general benefits then the odd private session can still reap benefits. You can use the time to go through anything you might be feeling needs work. Check your technique and make sure you are executing the movements as best you can be. It also gives the instructor and you time, together to ask questions and fine tune your practice.

Not just for the rich and famous

Private session don’t have to be just for the rich and famous! They have amazing benefits and can make a big difference. The use of the large equipment can also be used to really help you understand what the movements feel like and take it to the next level.

If you can’t afford a private session by yourself, then working with a partner may help and you can both reap the benefits,

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