How to survive your first class

You’ve had the baby, found how to function best on no sleep and figured out a sort of routine. You’ve had your check up and now would love to start exercising again. You look up the local post-natal fitness classes to see what’s about and sign up. You get to meet other mums and to do something for you. However, you turn up only to find half the class is younger, fitter, thinner, more flexible AND their baby sleeps all through the night and the class. Great! Now you feel like the old, inflexible, fat, frumpy mum whose baby is the one distracting the instructor and class. What to do?

  1. You’re not the only one worried about their post-baby body. Just because she’s thinner than you doesn’t mean she doesn’t have her own body hang ups too.
  2. Try not to compare your fitness levels. Just as every pregnancy and birth is unique, so is the recovery afterwards. Many different factors can influence how fit and quickly you might recover.
  3. Following on from above. Take your time and do things in your own time. Proper and safe technique is first and foremost. Rather do 5 squats perfectly than 100 poorly. Your body needs time to adjust and reconnect and that time is unique to each person.
  4. Some people are naturally flexible, some are not. It’s not a competition on who can over-stretch their hamstrings to touch their toes!
  5. The instructor probably won’t mind if you have a grumpy baby. If they do, they probably don’t have children or need to re-think their class format! Babies cry, or shout, or move unexpectedly!
  6. Even if you don’t get to do the whole class, pick a few exercises or movements and try and practice at home.
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