Food hacks

We all know diets don’t work long term. They are usually very restrictive and can actually be damaging to the body long term. However, you have an event and want to lose a few extra pounds or just want to maintain your weight.

Here a few little tips to help you work towards those goals but also just be that little bit healthier:

  1. Your body needs carbs! Carbs have long been named as the main culprit for weight gain, however, they also provide you with energy and assist with many of our body’s functions. They are particularly important for energy if you do long bouts of cardiovascular work such as running. The trick for most of us is to eat slow releasing carbohydrates such as wholegrain/wheat variations. this helps to regulate our blood sugars, helping use to keep energy levels stable and feeling fuller for longer. Just don’t have too much, an average serving is around 35-40g.
  2. Veggies! Aim for half of your main meals to be veggies. The more variety you have the better, so think lots of colour, raw and cooked. They also make great snacks.
  3. Carry a tin of snacks in your bag such as nuts and seeds. Just make sure the lid is secure so they don’t spill out everywhere!
  4. Have a drink. Sometimes we actually thirsty when we think we are hungry, so having a glass of water then waiting may actually solve the problem! If you’re still hungry then eat!
  5. Sometimes little and often works better. Small more regular meals can sometimes help our bodies to regulate blood sugars better and keep us from snacking on bad foods. Try eating every 2-3 hours.
  6. Be bad 20% of the time. Fancy that bar of chocolate? If you’re really craving, go ahead and eat it. Depriving yourself of treats will only make you want them more so allow them every now and again. The trick is to have a little of what you like some of the time. So if you want that biscuit with a cup of tea, have one or two and not the whole packet!
  7. Prep! Pick one day a week where you food prep. Cut up veggies and freeze. Make large quantities of meals and freeze for later. Take time to write a shopping list of ingredients.
  8. Make a menu. Think about what meals you can do for the week, write a shopping list then refer to point 7!
  9. To hydrate it doesn’t have to be water. Herbal teas count as does squash (though you only want a little bit), even the odd tea or coffee will help to hydrate you although they are diuretics, so not too many!
  10. Chew your food, Eat slowly – there is suggestion that this allows your body to know when it is actually full so you avoid over eating!
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