10 Myths About Pilates:

  1. It’s for old ladies – Pilates can benefit everyone of any age, but chances are we spend our youth pushing it to the extremes before we realise the benefits of less strenuous exercise.
  2. It’s for women – Although very popular with women and Pilates is great during pregnancy and post natal, it isn’t exclusive to the female population. More and more men are seeing the benefits from professional athletes like Tiger Woods to film stars such as Sylvester Stallone.
  3. It’s only for people with injuries – You don’t need to be injured to do Pilates, in fact it can help prevent injuries by educating your body how to move better and more effectively.
  4. You need to be flexible – Not at all, touching your toes is not a requirement, after all that  is what you have knees for!
  5. It’s only for rich people – It’s true that Pilates does tend to be a more high-end service. However, classes can be more accessible and affordable place to start.
  6. You need to be really good to use the equipment – Well Mr Pilates invented the kit to make your mat work better so not at all. In fact one could argue you should start on the kit before moving to class.
  7. Only skinny people do it – It can be very intimidating if you happen to be anything other than a size 6. And goodness forgive you have A TUMMY!! Not being a skinny mini myself this is definitely a myth. Your body can learn to do anything regardless of its size or shape.
  8. You need to have a strong core – In the more advanced movements you definable need strong core muscles. However there are very few people who can really do those movements. Pilates will increase your core strength for sure, and this will lead to better posture, less pain etc. But we all have to start somewhere.
  9. It’s like Yoga – Although some of the movements and poses in Yoga look like the same, and indeed Pilates himself took inspiration form Yoga, they are however different. Pilates focuses on working the body from the inside out; the focus in yoga is different depending on the style and will differ again in its nature.
  10. It’s really easy – Ask anyone who has actually been to a class and I am sure they will tell you otherwise! Try not to compare it to the same feeling as working hard in a marathon. In Pilates we are working different muscles and for a different purpose. PLUS it does involve your brain AND breathing all at the same time!


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