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Course Category: Live mini classes and workshop

These classes and workshops were filmed live.

Are you pregnant and want to know how to look after your pelvic floor during and after pregnancy. Do you still have leaks when you laugh, cough or sneeze? Are you wanting to attend high impact classes but worried about Read more…

30 minutes of working on those arms. Short and sweet but feel the burn! *you will need a set of weights

30 minutes of quick paced, challenging purely abdominals! *Not suitable for pregnancy/postnatal/back injuries

Explore the beauty that is breath. In this short video we will explore several different breath exercises which will leave you feeling relaxed and calmer.

A short workout, focusing on strengthening and lengthening the spine. A cushion may be useful for this class

Want to strengthen and tone your glutes, without lunges and squats? Come and join in with this fun and fast-paced mini workout. *you will need a mini band/resistance band/pair of tights

If you suffer with extra flexible or bendy joints, there are a few things you can do to help you re-stabilise, strengthen and stretch your body. This class is short introduction to things you might be able to try.

Suffer with knee pain, or need to strengthen them up? This short workshop will introduce you to a few exercises that might help. *You will need a resistance band/ pair of rights and a paper plate or small towel

If your suffering with tension in the upper body and shoulders or constant headaches, this class might be just what you need. Learn how to strengthen the deep neck muscles as well as try and relax and loosen the muscles. Read more…

This is a short introduction to everything Pelvic Floor. Looking at ways to stretch as well as relax.

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