HIIT Workout 2

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5 Minute Rounds: Abs
These exercises can be done using your bodyweight, or you can add light dumbbells for extra effort.
5 Minute Rounds: Body Weight
Sian shows you how to use your own body weight to work on your fitness.
5 Minute Rounds: Booty Band
If you've not got a booty band or mini band at home, a pair of old tights will do.
5 Minute Rounds: Dumbbells
If you haven't got dumbbells at home, you can use bottles of water or tins of beans. Be inventive!
Abs Blast
Short effective workout for your abdominals.
Band Workout
Workout with the resistance band.
Body Weight HIIT 30/20
Short and sweet and all body weight!
Dumbbell Workout 1
Workout using the dumbbells. No weights? No problem, use water bottles, tins of beans, whatever you can find.
Dumbbell Workout 2
Another workout using dumbbells. No weights? No problem, use water bottles, tins of beans, whatever you can find.
Full Tabata Workout
Join Sian in this tabata session where you can use your own body weight to really work on your fitness.
HIIT Live Sliders
You will need something that will allow you to slide! On wooden or hard floors, towels and paper plates work well. For carpets paper plates, but anything will do! Please be aware that this was filmed live which affects the visual and sound quality.
HIIT Workout 1
Short and sweet, this bodyweight workout will raise your heart rate.
HIIT Workout 3
This workout uses your own bodyweight.
HIIT Workout 4
This is a bodyweight workout to get your heart pumping.
Mini Band Workout 1
Quick and easy workout using the mini band to add resistance and challenge.
Mini Band Workout 2
Workout using the mini band.
Tabata 1
Want a quick, effective workout? Then tabata is the way to go. This is all body weight. Feel free to repeat as many times you like!
Tabata Full Body 4 Rounds
4 rounds of full body Tabata work. 20 mins in total.
Tabata Pairs
25 Minutes of Tabata. 20 seconds of work 10 seconds rest. The first round is 2 exercises alternating on the work.
Tabata Rounds Live Class
45 Minutes of Tabata work. 20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest.
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