Breathing for mindfulness

In times of stress and anxiety our bodies tend to get pent up, our breathing becomes shallow, and more rapid. It’s one of the ways our body gears up for flight or fight.

If we can learn to control our body in a more mindful way, this can help promote relaxation, assist with anxiety and stress and in some instances even help with sleep. It doesn’t need to be done at any particular time of the day, or in any position, or for any set length of time. Just as and when you feel you need to ‘switch off’ and reconnect with yourself.

Start in a comfortable position, sitting, lying, anything goes. Close your eyes and try to soften the shoulders. Start by just taking a few breaths in and out and think about what happens in your stomach, pelvic floor and chest. On your next inhale, see if you can allow your body, including your abdominals and shoulders to soften and let go. On your outbreath, see if you can soften more tension and make the breath 1-2 seconds longer than your inhale. Repeat as often as you feel you need/want to.


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