Motion is Lotion

The key to keeping mobile and reducing everyday aches and pains is movement. That doesn’t necessarily mean doing an exercise class, going for a walk or 10,000 steps, although it all certainly goes a long way. I’m talking about the little things you do all day. Our bodies were designed to move, to walk, run, jump, lift, carry, bend and twist, they aren’t particularly happy with being still. And that is the biggest downfall we have; being static or still for too long.

This is all well and good, but what if your job involves sitting all day at a desk or with a new born child, or the opposite standing all day? Well you can have great posture in those positions but you’ll probably find you still end up with an achy back or shoulders at the end of the day.

So what to do? This is easy- MOVE. Think like a child and fidget- all the time. Cross and uncross your legs, circle your arms, shoulders, wrists and ankles. Stand up or sit down. Wriggle. All movement is good movement, it doesn’t have to be structured, timed or specific, though you can totally incorporate a little bit of Pilates or Yoga if you use your imagination!

How often should you move? Constantly, all the time, enough that your mum would tell you to ‘just sit still for 5 minutes!’

So go on have wriggle throughout the day.

#Be the jellyfish

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