March Matness- but with a twist!

I am super excited to be getting everyone involved in March Matness this year. 

The History

Just for a little back ground to start lets find out what this is and where it all started. In 2012 Pilates teacher Benjamin Degenhardt was lucky enough to win a singed copy of Joseph Pilates’ original book “Return to Life through Contrology”. Being inspired by what he saw, he start to take photos and video of himself doing the movements within the book. With a suggestion from his husband he began posting an image a day in March, his aim to start conversation around the original mat work.

The next year he gathered others to join in and each year it grew. From 2015 the campaign went global and each year thousands of teachers post photos, videos, drawing of the one movement a day throughout March.

Whats the twist then?

I love the concept of this, it gives the Pilates community a chance to explore and discuss the original movements. But what about our clients? Ok they arn’t professions or teachers. They may not want their attempts at Boomarang plastered all over social media, I certainly wouldn’t!

I decided I wanted to follow the concept, but make it more interactive with my clients and students. Instead of one day and one movement in visual form, we will be exploring 5-6 movements, in class each week.  They will be in sequence, with appropriate modifications along the way. This makes it far more accessible and achievable but also fun! We can appreciate the original and the modern takes, and explore our bodies to what feels best. It also allows to set goals, on what we might want to achieve in our practice!

I may even take a few photos along the way!



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