Bristol Pilates Classes, what to expect from us

Want to attend a Bristol Pilates class? Find out what to expect in our classes at the studio.

Welcome to the studio

When you first come to the studio, you can expect a warm welcome from the reception team at The Park Centre. They will then direct you up the studio. There is usually onsite or street parking available, but we do encourage walking or cycling where possible.

Once at the studio, we ask you to leave your shoes and coats in the entrance, pop your personal belongings in a basket and then come on in. If there is another class in session you may need to wait for that one to finish before coming in.

Equipment for classes

We have all the equipment you might need here in the studio, mats, pillows, bands, balls. You name it, we have it! Everything is cleaned, sanitised and quarantined between and after use. But we are of course happy for you to bring and use your own things too.

During the classes

We like to keep things human in our Bristol classes! We encourage you to talk to us. If you don’t get a Pilates movement, or understand something, we want you to shout! Let us know what you are feeling and if you need some help. For our Zoom classes, we will generally stay on the mat and keep an eye on you. For our studio-only classes, we will be up and moving around, giving hands-on corrections where needed.

In all of our classes, be it online or in person, we are keeping an eye on everyone and always like feedback so we know how you are doing.

The movements

If a movement or exercise isn’t right for you, we don’t mind giving you an alternative or tweaking it for you. Because our classes are kept small, we can give you that extra support in class. We might give you a completely different movement, or a prop to help you. Not everyone is the same, so we want to make sure you are getting the most out of your class.

The people

As well as our instructors being highly qualified, experienced and approachable, our clients are also lovely too! Everyone is always very welcoming to new members. Because we are small, everyone gets to know each other, which means we have a wonderful little community here at the studio, One with support, fun and friendships.

So why not come along to our classes and see what we are about. You can sign up here.


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