Our bespoke Pilates classes in Bristol

Here in our little studio, we are incredibly proud of our classes. We know what it’s like when you turn up to a class only for the teacher to not check in, ignore any questions you might have, and make you feel like you just need to carry on regardless. It’s a guaranteed way of feeling just a little bit rubbish and just a number of booking form.

I remember being in a gym class and having an injury. Many times I was told to just ‘rest’ or ‘do what I can’. Not very reassuring and definately made me feel like I shouldn’t be there.

Small Pilates and group classes

One of the ways we manage this is to put a limit on classes so you won’t find more than 10 in a class at the studio. This is for several reasons; the first is we don’t want you to feel squashed. Although sometimes, you might need to co-ordinate your movements, we don’t want you feeling like you’re laid on top of each other! The second is we want to be able to give you as much attention as possible in a class. We want to be able to give you opportunities to ask questions, give you feedback and corrections. Thirdly, it builds community. Small classes are much more likely to make you feel safe and give you the opportunity to get to know each other.

We cater for all

We specialise in working with all sorts of illness and injuries, so we want our classes to reflect this. Some times you can’t afford private sessions or the times of classes work better for you. We don’t want you to feel that you can’t join a class. Sometimes it may be more appropriate to do a course of private sessions but we will always discuss this with you.

When you join a class with something that needs to be taken into consideration, we will always try and accommodate you. Sometimes that means tweaking our session or giving you something else. We don’t mind doing this. It doesn’t make the class hate you!

Classes with you in mind

Our bespoke approach to our Pilates and group classes, really does make us unique. We will always plan our classes with you in mind. If you need props or adaptions we will do this for you.

Sometimes you will all come in and need a different pace, we can give you a more restorative class. If it’s a lot of stiff backs or hips, then we can slip in a few mobility moves or stretches for you.

If you feel these classes are a fit for you, you can take a look at the different pilates classes in Bristol and other group classes here. 

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