Intermediate Pilates Classes in Bristol

Do you have a good understanding of mat work Pilates and have been regularly doing a class for a while now?

If you find you can achieve most of the movements in a mixed class then it might be time to step it up a gear!

Am I an intermediate?

Generally speaking if you have been attending classes at a mixed level for over a year then you are probably ready for intermediate. Whilst doing the movements if you find you choose the hardest level most often, don’t have to think too much about finding the correct position, then this is a good indicator. For intermediate, you shouldn’t need as many reminder cues such as shoulders, breather and neutral, you should be able to find and correct mostly yourself. Injuries should also be well managed with an understanding of how to modify appropriately.

What’s different in the intermediate class?

In our intermediate classes in our Bristol studio, you can expect hard work! We do still check in on some of the basics to reinforce and remind ourselves of the foundations of Pilates, but there are much more challenging movements as well. In this class we start and do explore more advanced movements and will often sequence them together as well. We will usually work with both legs up in table top, and look at all rolling and roll over movements as well.

How do I join the class?

Speak to your teacher to find out where you are and if the demands of the class will match your current ability.

To find out more and join one of our classes in Bristol visit the website here

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